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27 Feb

Three months



This is our Bea today, at 13 weeks old. She’s loving sitting up, although she can’t quite do it by herself without support. That isn’t stopping the sweet little thing from trying to move onto the next stage. She keeps trying to bum shuffle. The moment she can sit by herself, she’s going to be off. There will be no hanging around for this little monkey.

6 Responses to “Three months”

  1. 1
    Jenn Says:

    She is absolutely amazing. And I can’t believe how upright she is!! Aren’t most 3 month olds still kinda just blobs?

    She, most certainly, isn’t a blob. She is a whole litte bundle of cute 😉

  2. 2
    Cindy Says:

    Awww…little Bea has a bumble on her hat. She’s is adorable!

  3. 3
    mother darling Says:

    At first sight I thought the bumbo was plugged in and ready to go, She lookds so happy

  4. 4
    Crystal Says:

    Okay, that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. 5
    Amy Says:

    She looks like a tiny mUrt. Also: precious.

  6. 6
    Eileen Says:

    She is so adorable!

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