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25 Nov

In case you’re wondering

There have been no posts about the baby, because the baby isn’t here. I am nearly 42 weeks pregnant.

Today we had a scan (to check for deterioration of the placenta – there wasn’t any sign). She does however have hair.

I currently have a bit of a quandary. The doctors want to get her out now. They can’t do a full induction, due to my scar, so they want to break my waters. The downside of this is that it might not work or it might work too slowly. It puts me on a clock and if the time runs out, I end up with a section. I don’t want a section. It will mean a stay in hospital, during which time I won’t be able to see Ro (he has chickenpox, as if we didn’t have enough on our plates), a scar to heal (which Ro will jump on), and no driving for 6 weeks.

On the other hand, my body is really ready for labour. I’ve been having contractions on and off for over a week. I just don’t seem able to sustain them into a full labour. The longer I go without giving birth, the more tired I am. I ache all over and I’m struggling to do anything. I’m falling apart.

So, I’m tired and exhausted, I have an impossible decision to make, where either choice could be the wrong one for me. I have facts and figures coming at me from all angles. It’s stressing me out and stress is a great way to delay labour. If she’d just come of her own accord now, it would be so much easier.

8 Responses to “In case you’re wondering”

  1. 1
    Jenn Says:

    I’m sorry you are all wiped out even before your little one arrives. Seems unnecessary, doesn’t it? You know what? Either way you go, very soon you will have a sweet little baby. And that is awesome. Based on the million and a half friends I’ve had go through this – it kinda seems like there isn’t a clear choice. So you will just eventually make a decision. And that will be fine. So don’t worry that you have to make some perfect decision. Just remember — BABY!! YAY!!!

  2. 2
    Amy Says:

    I can’t wait to see your hair-covered baby. They are my favorite.

    All my baby experience stories are about my own birth! I was born 15 days after my due date. Late babies are also my favorite. But I hope she makes her debut soon.

  3. 3
    Annika Says:

    Ugh, what a horrible decision to have to make. I know that whatever you do will be fine in the end, but I do hope you go into labor “spontaneously” right away.

  4. 4
    Ruth Says:

    Good luck Delle… after my experience I say avoid induction at all costs… Fingers crossed for a spontaneous labour.

  5. 5
    Claire Says:

    Good luck. Hope the decision has been made for you. Although Angi went for going over to avoid the c-section and ended up with a supersized baby that then couldn’t get out on her own – they were only out on size by a factor of two.
    Claire┬┤s last blog post ..I am mad

  6. 6
    Jess Says:

    Noes! I hope Bea decides of her own that it’s more interesting out here. I’m thinking of you and sending you hurry-up-baby thoughts!

  7. 7
    Cassylee Says:

    I’m with everyone else in hoping Bea makes the decision to come out on her own (er, with a lot of help from you, of course – or at least as I understand the process ;-), so you don’t have to deal with such a difficult decision.

  8. 8
    CosmicAvatar Says:

    I really hope that this time you are having the baby for real!

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