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30 Oct

Where was I?

Oh yes. Being pregnant.

I still am, by the way. I haven’t forgotten to come back and tell you about the baby. I’m completely huge. I look like I’ve taken a basketball, overinflated it, and shoved it up my T-shirt.

In other news, Ro turned 4 and I turned 35. Ro had his first birthday party with friends his own age. It took them a while to warm up (they were shy and nervous), but by the end they were running round screaming  and having a blast. Unfortunately, his best friend didn’t make it (according to him and the staff at the pre-school, he and Kieran are nearly inseparable). I’m really glad that he’s starting to make proper friends. Getting him doing a decent number of hours at this pre-school (he does 15 hours a week) has been the best thing for him. He comes out bubbling with excitement, telling me what he (and Kieran or Alannah) have been up to. He tells me what he thought of his packed lunch too. Packed lunch analysis is very important to him.

My plan is to come back later this week, to show you my latest spinning/knitting project, which will probably also include a picture of the bump. Otherwise, I’ll be back to tell you I’ve had a baby (the plans for which seem to have morphed from planned section to WBAC – we’ll see how it actually goes).

6 Responses to “Where was I?”

  1. 1
    Amy Says:

    I was totally getting worried that you would have a baby and not let the internet know. I’m very relieved!

  2. 2
    Eileen Says:

    What’s WBAC?

    Sending good thoughts your way for a quick and speedy delivery.

    Delle Reply:

    @Eileen, WBAC is Water Birth After Caesarian. I am trying to have a vaginal delivery, because it is statistically safer than a Caesarian, but when we started going through ways to make that a likely outcome, labouring in water seemed the best idea. Then it was suggested that if I’m labouring in water, I might like to deliver in water. We’ll see what happens, but I think it sounds like a good, realistic option.
    Delle´s last blog post ..Where was I

  3. 3
    Jess Says:

    I am on tenterhooks for your imminent delivery! Also, I was totes spoiled for the fact that you are 1. still preggers, and 2. basketball-under-t-shirt-looking. (mUrt may have been a bit more circumspect, but I definitely did get the impression that baby is LARGE.)

    Also, also, OMG, you have the most adorable small child ever, and I’m very glad I got the chance to meet him finally! Did he tell you that he helped ickUl find the buried treasure? (I did not prompt with any of this; he just got look looks and went to town making up a story.)

    Delle Reply:

    @Jess, actually, baby is apparently fairly small – it’s just me that’s large.

    I didn’t get much information about his visit with you. He isn’t great on the phone (his speech is a bit unclear, though it is improving), and by the time he got home all he would talk about was JoJo, being a dragon and Andy dressed as a pumpkin.

    I’m glad you liked him. We think he’s wonderful, of course, but I suspect we have some bias. I think the giraffes made an impression as he declared them his favourite animal at swimming this week.

    Eileen Reply:

    I think the giraffes made an impression as he declared them his favourite animal at swimming this week.

    Well, that was pretty much a given, wasn’t it?

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