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27 Jun

Here comes science

Today, whilst most of England was watching football, we were having a much better time. We took Rohan to his first pop concert.

It’s science week in Cambridge this week (well, last week I guess, this was the end) and as part of it, They Might Be Giants did their Here Comes Science family concert. It was a pretty small venue, so we were right up close. Ro and mUrt listen to Here Comes Science, and Here Come the 1 2 3s all the time. Ro was so excited about the whole thing. He was singing and dancing and when the confetti cannons started going off he was beside himself.

If you’ve never seen any of their kids stuff, go look on YouTube for their Here Comes Science videos.

One Response to “Here comes science”

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    Jenn Says:

    Mal just got the Here Comes Science DVD/CD for his birthday from my sister!! How wonderful that you got to go!

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