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21 Feb

I’m being nagged

So both my mum and my sister are nagging me to post, so here I go. I’ve been doing a lot of making recently. A couple of weeks ago, I made some marmalade. I loved doing it, it was so much fun. The result is a little sharp, and a little too much peel, not enough spread, but not bad for a first attempt. I think I know where I went wrong, and how to improve in future. When I’ve worked through this, my next plan is lime marmalade.

I’ve also made this cute spindle for a friend of mine. I’m quite pleased by how it turned out. It spins beautifully, I just hope it isn’t too light for her to handle (it’s about the weight I started with, but I could already spin on a wheel, which makes it easier).

It is also Ravelympics at the moment. We’re about half way through, and it is going to be tight. I’m knitting 2 projects. The first is a jumper for Ro, which currently has a body, but needs sleeves and a neckline. My other project is a shawl which is somewhat less than halfway there.

The pictures for the above bit will all appear at the bottom of the post, because I’m posting from my iPhone. When I get the computer back from Ro (he’s currently playing cbeebies games), I’ll try and get them in the right places.

In other news, no luck yet on the baby front. A few people were talking about the book Taking Charge of your Fertility. I haven’t actually read it, but I am aware of it. What I have read, are the lessons on Fertility Friend. They are great, as is the software. It saves me having to do the TCOYF calculations, because it does it’s own. It actually uses slightly more complex algarythms, which mostly work well. I definitely recommend trying it out, even if you’re just curious about what’s involved.

9 Responses to “I’m being nagged”

  1. 1
    Annika Says:

    I’ve never used TCOYF or Fertility Friend, but I’ve been told that FF only works if you have a super-regular cycle. Any irregularity at all (which most women have) and you’re better off doing your own charting. As I said, I haven’t tried it myself, but that’s my understanding. Might be worth at least giving the TCOYF book a read!

    Delle Reply:

    @Annika, I do know 1 person for whom fertility friend doesn’t work, and I do, occasionally disagree with it, but mostly it’s fine (mind you, I have a pretty regular cycle). I’m using OPKs this month for the first time, which seem to be quite useful (more than I expected, actually, as this is a non-standard month).

  2. 2
    Jenn Says:

    I’m using OPKs this month too. I’ve got the faint line so I’m hoping for something in the next few days. I, too, have been told about the TCOYF by everyone, but I just want the test to say OVULATING and then to have teh sex and then to have teh next test say yay.

    I am inspired by your marmalade. I think I will do some this month. Sounds lovely.

    Delle Reply:

    @Jenn, My OPK was definitely positive today, but not having used them before, I’m not sure if it will be more positive tomorrow, or if my temperature will have risen when I wake up tomorrow. Given how much I love testing, I’m surprised I haven’t tried the OPKs before. If this isn’t successful this month, I think I will order a cheap batch online for future use.
    .-= Delle´s last blog ..I’m being nagged =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    @Delle, Oh, I think my reply went womlu.

    Summary: the line got me excited until friends explained as dark as or darker than test line.

    Got my tests from bff. But if need be going forward I found a good ebay 40 tests for $9.

  3. 3
    Amy Says:

    The shawl looks particularly lovely.

    Also I am a great fan of jams and fruit spreads. I approve.

  4. 4
    Eileen Says:

    The shawl looks very pretty. I must admit that my knitting has fallen slightly by the wayside since I last saw you, but I do plan on picking it up again. Eventually!

  5. 5
    mother darling Says:

    Where is my marmalade I like sharp thats good

    When are the sleeves going to be knitted.

    Now you have to nagg Charly to blog

  6. 6
    mother darling Says:

    marmalade is scrummy

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