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11 Oct

Birthdays and running

I slept oddly last night, and now my shoulder is killing me.

We’re getting geared up for Ro’s birthday on Thursday, and party on Saturday. It is hard to believe he’s going to be 3. I shall try and take lots of photos and make a post about it. Eileen came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. I meant to post about it, but time got all away from me.

My couch to 5k is still going strong. I’m now running alternating 3 and 5 minute intervals, which is something I definitely couldn’t have done a few weeks ago. I don’t seem to be losing any weight, but I’m so much fitter. I don’t get out of breath as easily and my tummy, whilst still large, is much less floppy. I’ve been thinking about what to do, exercise-wise, if I finally get pregnant again (I’m on what is known as the 1 week wait, I’ll know one way or the other by Ro’s birthday). I can’t continue with the couch to 5k, because that is about pushing yourself, and that isn’t something you should do whilst pregnant. I think I shall switch to going for brisk walks, with maybe some short, gentle intervals. All depends on whether I’m actually pregnant or not. I’m trying not to obsess too much over this month’s graph, but it is tough. It’s silly, because the graph really won’t tell me anything for the moment, until Wednesday.

7 Responses to “Birthdays and running”

  1. 1
    Annika Says:

    I can believe that Rohan will be three, but only because Sam is already three. It’s tenuous believing either, but I can force myself.

    Delle Reply:

    @Annika, I can believe Sam is 3, he looks so big these days, but Ro still curls up in my arms like a baby. He can’t possibly be 3.

  2. 2
    Amy Says:

    I’ll cross my fingers for you. But yay for more fit and yay for birthdays. Even though Rohan being three certainly doesn’t sound true.

    Oh, incidentally, there’s a boy in one of my classes named Rohan, but it’s pronounced like the country. It’s confusing.

  3. 3
    Jenn Says:

    I have heard that we can keep up with whatever we’re currently doing when pregnant. So I am getting in as good as shape as I can with the idea being that I’ll then stick with what I’m doing once preggers.

    Happy almost birthday, Rohan!

    Delle Reply:

    @Jenn, the problem is that I’m ramping up the intensity pretty sharply at the moment. From what I’ve been reading I need to be able to hold a conversation whilst exercising, in order to not deprive the baby of oxygen. I can’t do that on my current programme.

    Jenn Reply:

    @Delle, Ah. I’ve not been told that. I heard some things about body heat and worries about baby getting too warm, but when I looked into it further it seemed that things were just really all over the place with preggers and exercise. When I finished up my reading, I decided to keep up with running and higher intensity exercise – but not pushing further. You know, that is the only reason I haven’t run a marathon yet…

  4. 4
    CosmicAvatar Says:

    Well done on your fitness efforts – you shame me!

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