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21 Aug

Testing iPhone Blogging

So, I have this neat little app on my phone (which started this whole blog switching debacle in the first place). I thought I would try it out. I don’t think I can blog pictures with it, but otherwise I quite like it.

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone? Well not since I’ve started blogging all over again, so I’ll say it now. I love my iPhone, more than I ever believed I would before I bought it. Next post today will have Ro pics and knitting pics. I have to show you my latest finished project. I am so proud of it.

Update: it turns out that I can’t post from the app, only write a draft. On the plus side, this means that I can write a post whenever I think of it. On the downside, you won’t see it until I get to a computer to post it. I did find photo posting though, which will make it much easier to post pics from my phone, so I’ve attached a quick one of Ro for your viewing pleasure

Second update: I am a numpty and can in fact publish from phone, which I shall do now.

8 Responses to “Testing iPhone Blogging”

  1. 1
    Eileen Says:


    I love my iPhone too. Glad to see you’re still enjoying it.

  2. 2
    Annika Says:

    Where did you get that gigantic boy?
    .-= Annika´s last blog ..Simple Machines =-.

  3. 3
    Roo Says:

    Glad you are back! I am still resisting the iPhone. Even though I know I will love it. Does Ravelry work ok it? That could swing it for me.

    Delle Reply:

    @Roo, Well, I can surf just fine, but it doesn’t mark forum posts as read, which is annoying.

    Jess Reply:

    @Delle, I really wish someone would make a ravelry app for the iPhone!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Fool on the Hill =-.

    Delle Reply:

    @Jess, I agree. So far there is only the yarnphone website, which only works in the US.

  4. 4
    Crystal Says:

    Who is that adorable, grown-up young man and what did he do with Rohan? He’s so grown-up now!

    And I love my iPhone so much, too… I got a small taste having the iPod Touch, but the phone is just… oh… having internet access wherever… it’s wonderful. Except I’m not getting my email pushed from Yahoo for the past couple of days, but nevermind.
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Ding Dong? =-.

  5. 5
    Amy Says:

    That much older child has the same name as your kid!

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