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20 Aug


Well, I finally got my blog back. I’ve lost all my old posts, but at least I’m able to blog again.

I’m trying to remember all the things that have popped into my head the last month or so whilst I’ve wanted to blog but couldn’t. Now that I’ve got my blog back, my mind is blank.

Oooh, mum is in South Africa at the moment and Claire has moved to Vietnam, so the other day I got tours around 2 different apartments in other parts of the world.

We’ve also done some decorating, in the living room and dining room. The dining room isn’t quite done yet. Ikea will be here in about 20 minutes to deliver the last of the furniture. This is a picture of the living room.

Living room

Living room

The wallpaper is only on that wall.

As part of the decorating, I’ve sorted all my worldly belongings (at least most of them). I feel I can safely say that, whilst I have a nice, yarn stash, it isn’t that big. It fits in the 4 baskets at the bottom of this picture.



I love this storage. I finally feel like I have things under control. Everything isn’t quite finalised yet, but it is getting there.

6 Responses to “Back”

  1. 1
    Jamie Says:

    I’m missing something… got your blog back from where? What happened?

    Your living room looks so pretty, and I LOVE your storage area… so jealous!

  2. 2
    Jenn Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your storage!! And the wallpaper. Ohhh!

    Can you please come and organize my place? I’ll pay you in, um, yarn?

  3. 3
    Amy Says:


    Your living room is exceedingly pretty.

  4. 4
    Eileen Says:

    Yay, you’re back!

    That yarn stash isn’t big?!

    Also, I love that type of storage.

    Delle Reply:

    @Eileen, This stash is only big to a non-knitter, or a non-stasher. Compared to the stashes of most of my online knitting friends, this is positively tiny (they have entire rooms dedicated to yarn).

  5. 5
    Meghan Says:

    I see you and I are on the same page with storage! Aren’t those little drawer units the best?

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