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30 Oct

Where was I?

Oh yes. Being pregnant. I still am, by the way. I haven’t forgotten to come back and tell you about the baby. I’m completely huge. I look like I’ve taken a basketball, overinflated it, and shoved it up my T-shirt. In other news, Ro turned 4 and I turned 35. Ro had his first birthday […]

17 Aug


Ro’s hand is pretty much back to normal size. The antibiotics are doing their thing, even though he’s fighting them as much as possible. Getting him to take it is a battle of wills. So far Martin and I are winning, but only just. In the near future, I shall try and blog about Knit […]

15 Aug

Poor monkey

Here’s a little morning photo of Ro. For the observant (amongst whom my husband and I apparently do not number), you may have noticed that his left hand is somewhat larger than his right. Yesterday lunch time Ro got bitten by an insect. We aren’t sure what kind, because we didn’t see it. It wasn’t […]

27 Jun

Here comes science

Today, whilst most of England was watching football, we were having a much better time. We took Rohan to his first pop concert. It’s science week in Cambridge this week (well, last week I guess, this was the end) and as part of it, They Might Be Giants did their Here Comes Science family concert. […]

12 Jan

I suck at this

I could argue that I didn’t need weekly updates for Charly, because she was here. I actually have half an entry in draft that I wrote whilst she and the girls were here. But didn’t finish it, and I’m not going to now. Christmas went pretty well here. Ro is now old enough that he’s […]

16 Dec

Tap, tap, tap

Rohan apparently likes the tap, tap, tap of slowly dripping water. mUrt and I? Not so much. Probably because mUrt and I know it is the sound of water dripping through the ceiling where our shower is leaking. Thankfully not too much water, and it’s just leaking round the side of the shower curtain, but […]

30 Nov

Teenage tantrums

“I don’ wan’ nuffin’!” *Door slams* You’d expect that to be a teenager, but it was Ro this morning. He has an alarming habit of throwing teenage style tantrums. I really was hoping that we’d have 10 more years before dealing with this. Mostly though, today, I’m just glad that he’s woken up feeling well […]

30 Aug

New territory

I have no real idea how to embed sound, or whether, if I do, it will play automatically and annoy you all. I’ll try, but it might end up a link, and if it does play automatically and annoy, let me know. A song came on the radio today, which appealed to my son, and […]

25 Aug


Today, whilst I was at work Ro and Martin had some fun, making new friends.

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