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25 Nov

In case you’re wondering

There have been no posts about the baby, because the baby isn’t here. I am nearly 42 weeks pregnant. Today we had a scan (to check for deterioration of the placenta – there wasn’t any sign). She does however have hair. I currently have a bit of a quandary. The doctors want to get her […]

30 Oct

Where was I?

Oh yes. Being pregnant. I still am, by the way. I haven’t forgotten to come back and tell you about the baby. I’m completely huge. I look like I’ve taken a basketball, overinflated it, and shoved it up my T-shirt. In other news, Ro turned 4 and I turned 35. Ro had his first birthday […]

11 Jul

I’m so bad at updating

I haven’t come back to let people know that we had our second scan last week. They checked for Downs soft markers, because of our increased risk, but nothing showed up. Interestingly, one of the more obscure soft markers is having the little fingers bend in towards the hands. The sonographer told us that it […]

09 May

It’s a baby!

We went for our scan on Friday. I hadn’t realised just how nervous I was about the whole thing. When we were waiting I was shaking. It turned out that I didn’t need to worry. Neither about lack of baby or too many babies. The result was one baby with a strong heartbeat, and all […]

12 Mar

Have I mentioned…

how much I love having a web host which has an automatic upgrade service for WordPress? I used to not bother upgrading, but now, I just hit a button and it’s done. So simple. On pregnancy watch – I’ll be 5 weeks on Monday. I can’t drink orange juice any¬† more and I’m more sleepy […]

12 Jan

Most of you don’t want to read this

I’m not sure how many people actually read this these days, but seriously, if you’re at all squeamish, or don’t want to know the details of scientific baby making, stop reading now. Really. OK, now there is maybe half a person left, I’m writing this out of superstition. I know, superstition and science don’t really […]

12 Jan

I suck at this

I could argue that I didn’t need weekly updates for Charly, because she was here. I actually have half an entry in draft that I wrote whilst she and the girls were here. But didn’t finish it, and I’m not going to now. Christmas went pretty well here. Ro is now old enough that he’s […]

29 Nov

What have I unleashed?

I did a deal with my sister. If she set up a blog, I’d update here at least once a week. Well, Charly set up a blog here, and now she’s bugging me to update. So I am. In the meantime, those of you who know my sister, or anyone who might like to read […]

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