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05 Dec

Bea’s first week

So, Bea got herself born, and we came home from the hospital Sunday evening (it took them forever to sort out the discharge, which came with a bunch of follow up appointments). On Monday, Martin’s parents brought Ro back. He rushed through the front door and put his hand on my tummy to check she […]

25 Nov

In case you’re wondering

There have been no posts about the baby, because the baby isn’t here. I am nearly 42 weeks pregnant. Today we had a scan (to check for deterioration of the placenta – there wasn’t any sign). She does however have hair. I currently have a bit of a quandary. The doctors want to get her […]

10 Nov

Gradient shawl

This post, like it’s subject, has gradients. The first bit is spinning. If you aren’t interested in spinning, skip to after the second picture. Then we have knitting. If you aren’t interested in knitting, skip to the photo at the end. Unless you aren’t interested in pregnancy either. In which case, skip the post entirely. […]

30 Oct

Where was I?

Oh yes. Being pregnant. I still am, by the way. I haven’t forgotten to come back and tell you about the baby. I’m completely huge. I look like I’ve taken a basketball, overinflated it, and shoved it up my T-shirt. In other news, Ro turned 4 and I turned 35. Ro had his first birthday […]

21 Feb

I’m being nagged

So both my mum and my sister are nagging me to post, so here I go. I’ve been doing a lot of making recently. A couple of weeks ago, I made some marmalade. I loved doing it, it was so much fun. The result is a little sharp, and a little too much peel, not […]

12 Jan

Most of you don’t want to read this

I’m not sure how many people actually read this these days, but seriously, if you’re at all squeamish, or don’t want to know the details of scientific baby making, stop reading now. Really. OK, now there is maybe half a person left, I’m writing this out of superstition. I know, superstition and science don’t really […]

11 Oct

Birthdays and running

I slept oddly last night, and now my shoulder is killing me. We’re getting geared up for Ro’s birthday on Thursday, and party on Saturday. It is hard to believe he’s going to be 3. I shall try and take lots of photos and make a post about it. Eileen came for a visit a […]

12 Sep

All new you

Recently I’ve started feeling inspired. It is spreading to all areas of my life. I have just started doing a management course at work, which I think has something to do with it. It is making me want to be efficient and organised. I’m not there entirely (I have the time management software picked out, […]

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