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10 Nov

Gradient shawl

This post, like it’s subject, has gradients. The first bit is spinning. If you aren’t interested in spinning, skip to after the second picture. Then we have knitting. If you aren’t interested in knitting, skip to the photo at the end. Unless you aren’t interested in pregnancy either. In which case, skip the post entirely. […]

18 Aug

Fractal spinning

When fractal spinning, it is usual to make a 2 ply yarn. Instead, I tried to be clever, and make a 3 ply. As such it wasn’t an entirely successful fractal, I don’t think, but it was fun and interesting. I started by taking my fibre and laying it out Then split it into 3 […]

12 Sep

All new you

Recently I’ve started feeling inspired. It is spreading to all areas of my life. I have just started doing a management course at work, which I think has something to do with it. It is making me want to be efficient and organised. I’m not there entirely (I have the time management software picked out, […]

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